Driving Tips – Traveling Internationally


Apply for your international driver’s license today!

Our International Driver’s License is designed to be simple to use and easy to understand for both the English and non-English speaker. There is no written or driving test required.
  • Before departure, you can obtain an International Driver’s License from IDL Travel.
  • Carry both your IDL and your Native Driver’s License with you at all times, since many countries have different driving rules.
  • Try to obtain a copy of the foreign country’s driving laws before you begin driving in that country.
  • Information may be available from the country’s embassy or consulates in the United States, foreign government tourism offices, or from a car rental company in the foreign country.
  • Certain countries require special road permits instead of tolls to use their divided highways (the equivalent of our interstate highway system). Authorities may fine those found driving without a permit.
  • Always “buckle up.” Some countries have penalties for people who violate the seat-belt law.
  • If you rent a car, make sure you have your International Driver’s License and have sufficient liability insurance.
  • If the drivers in the country you are visiting drive on the left side of the road, it may be prudent to practice driving in a less populated area of the destination country before attempting to drive in heavy traffic.
  • Always know the route you will be traveling. Have a good road map, and chart your course before beginning.
  • Use common road safety sense: Do not pick up hitchhikers or strangers, and be aware of your surroundings when entering or exiting your vehicle.

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