Benefits of having an International Driver’s License

An International Driver’s License will be useful if you do a lot of overseas travel. When you have a scheduled vacation or business trip abroad, it is best that you get one. While most countries don’t recognize US driver’s license, getting an IDL can be beneficial for you.

An International Driver’s License issued by IDL TRAVEL will complement an International Driving Permit, which is available from the US Department of State . The IDP is recognized in more than 150 countries as a document that certifies the bearer to operate a vehicle in another country.

Keep in mind that the International Driver’s License and the IDP are designed to be a supplement to the driver’s license and not meant to be its replacements. It is important that you still carry your original driver’s license every time you operate a vehicle.

Advantages of an International Driver’s License:

An International Driver’s License is useful when you are travelling to a country with an official language that is not included in the IDP. You need one even if you are just the passenger of a driver in a foreign land. It can also be used as an identification card in a country where the main language is not English. While it is not a travel requirement, you should consider getting one.

There are several companies that offer the service, but you should get one from a reputable company such as IDL TRAVEL. No tests are required, but the applicant must be at least 18 years old. You just need to apply online at This makes it convenient to get one, and it will be delivered right to your home.

Tips on International Driving:

Once you have secured an International Driving Permit and an International Driver’s License, you are now legally allowed to drive in other countries. You should take note of the different traffic rules and regulations in various countries. Below are some driving tips when you are overseas.

Before going on the trip, research about the destination country’s driving rules and regulations. There might be several differences in the rules that you need to be acquainted with before leaving the US.

The legal driving age might be different in the country you are going to. Make sure that you check the minimum and maximum driving ages in the country.

There are countries that require special permits instead of tolls in order to drive on highways. Driving on them without a permit could lead to fines.

In several countries, you are required to flash the lights or use the horn before overtaking another car or going around a corner.

When renting a car overseas, be sure to have insurance. This will save you from legal and financial difficulties. Most policies issued in the United States have limited coverage to Americans driving overseas for a certain time frame. There are also exemptions. For instance, your personal policy will not be honored if you are going overseas on business. If the policy doesn’t cover you in another country, you can get one from a third party provider or purchase one from the rental company.

In some countries, you will be driving on the opposite side of the road. This can be confusing at first. You should practice first on a less populated area before trying to go on a business road.

And make sure you always carry with you your original US state driver’s license, International Driver’s License, and International Driving Permit.

An International Driver’s License is not a replacement of an official driver’s license. Instead, it is a translation of a valid driver’s license. It is not issued to people who don’t have a valid license.

IDL TRAVEL. We offer same day International Drivers License application processing. Translate your driver’s license before traveling abroad!

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