Affordable travel vacations in New Zealand

Destination: New Zealand

When booking a holiday to New Zealand, people think they will have to spend lots of money on accommodation and transportation but that’s not the case. You can always travel during the off peak season (March, April, May, September, October and November) and enjoy it as much without breaking the bank and If you planning to rent a car, there are lots of options where you can also hire a cheap car rental.

You are allowed to drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months if you have either a current driver’s license from your country of residence or an International Driving License.

While in New Zealand all drivers, including visitors from other countries, must have their license or International Drivers License permit every time when driving. You are only allowed to drive the same types of vehicles that you are licensed to drive in your country. The legal age to hire a car in New Zealand is 21 years.

Here are some recommendations on places to stop by whilst in New Zealand:


– Kaikoura

Well recognized for the seafood and whale viewing, Kaikoura could offer considerably a lot more. Stroll about the seal colony can be a great experience, down into the rock swimming pools with the children, look at the seals near the rocks. Sit on the pebble beaches, bring food or a bottle of wine and see the sunshine go down or wander in town towards the information centre to uncover more of Kaikoura’s history.

– Hanmer Springs

Famed for his Incredibly hot Springs , they are good way to spend some time and also take advantage of the nearby holiday residences that you could book at a good price. The nearby forest offers a fantastic way to bike or to go for a long walk. On weekends and holidays there are also markets in town.


You could go to Auckland and examine all the extinct volcanoes. In particular Tree Hill, Mt Eden and Mt Wellington where to volcanoes are. These days taking a walk or cycle up toward the top not only will allow you to get some exercise but in addition acquire inside of some incredible viewpoints of the surrounding suburbs and city centre

– Hunua Ranges

Dwelling in the direction of the Auckland’s largest forested landscape, Wairoa Reservoir & Dam and the Hunua Falls are a good location for photography opportunities. Or do a picnic hamper and enjoy the sounds of the indigenous birds close by while you enjoy a day of clean air.

In conclusion there are many things to do and see in New Zealand. A very simple picnic, some swimming and sightseeing can be a great path towards enjoying your holidays whether you travelling on your own or with your family.

Each destination is distinctive in character, and with the country being so compact, you can easily visit several on your holiday. Visit website to learn more about the many places to visit in New Zealand.

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